Transform Your Life with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Transform Your Life with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you want to deepen your own practice or teach yoga to others, joining a yoga teacher training is an amazing experience in growing one’s personal journey with yoga.  A  teacher training will broaden your understanding about the history and context of yoga, providing you with skills to practice with more self-awareness and offering you new perspectives on living mindfully that you can take off of your mat and into your everyday life.

Trying to decide whether you’re ready to embark on a new chapter in your yoga practice through a teacher training program?  When you say, “I’m ready!” here are just six of the many benefits you can look forward to.

  1. Healthy Living It’s no secret that yogis have a knack for making healthy choices when it comes to how they live life, from getting proper sleep, to eating well and exercising moderately. Yoga teacher training will provide you with techniques to live a yogic-inspired lifestyle by exposing you to alternative and natural ways of healing and wellness from yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda.  Don’t be surprised if you leave training with a few ancient practices in mindful-living that literally change how you look and feel from the inside out!
  2. Challenge Yourself. Yoga teacher training will help you achieve or get closer to your goals in yoga, whether it be in your physical, mental or spiritual practice.  Not sure where you’re going in your practice?  That’s okay!  It is common for students to develop goals during the initial stages of training, after being exposed to some of the basic principles of a yoga practice.  Throughout the program, workshops will focus on different areas–from physical asana practice and breathwork, to meditation, to the study of subtle energies–so you can choose where would like to refine your skills. Breakthroughs ranging from having that “aha” moment while learning proper alignment in a pose, to getting closer to a state of blissful meditation, or “Samadhi,” cultivate a deep sense of physical and emotional growth.
  3. Embrace Culture. The study of classical yoga texts will teach you about the history and lineage of yoga. Whether you choose to teach and incorporate ancient yoga philosophy into your class, or you are taking a training for personal growth, you will broaden your horizons with perspectives from Eastern philosophy.  The knowledge and tools you learn can be used in meditation to dive deeper into your fullest potential of creative consciousness, keeping your brain active and expansive.
  4. Feel Empowered. Being around a supportive group of like-minded people creates a space where you feel comfortable opening up and digging deeper into self-expression. You create a yoga family while on your own physical and spiritual journey. Your fellow trainees begin your network of warriors…this family is ever expanding as you spend more time teaching and growing your practice!
  5. Gain Confidence. Practice teaching to groups of individuals is a great way to improve your presentation and public speaking skills. It is a major self-esteem builder to be able to effectively guide a group of people towards a common goal.
  6. Discover YOU.  Yoga teacher training is a very personal experience.  While you do learn in a group environment, yoga is really about the inner journey.  Through regular asana practice and meditation, you will spend time developing a greater sense of self-awareness and finding connections between your own mind, body and breath.

When you’re ready to get started, you will know.  Yoga is about trusting your intuition.  Once you get started, experience each moment to the fullest and keep growing in body, mind and spirit.
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
January 4th to January 29th
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