5 Wellness Tips to Spring Clean Body, Mind and Spirit

5 Wellness Tips to Spring Clean Body, Mind and Spirit

Flowers are blooming, the sun is staying up late, the countdown to summer has begun…yes, Spring is here! What better time to clear out the old and make positive adjustments to your routine that will help you feel good in every way?

Here are some simple and effective ways to jumpstart the season and build a long-term healthy lifestyle.

  1. Start in the kitchen. Health begins with what we put into our bodies for nourishment (or lack thereof). As you clear out your kitchen pantry this Spring Cleaning, look for more than just expired food labels. Before you even start, make a list of what qualities are important to you for mindful, healthy eating. Do you value organic fair trade practices? Do you have a tendency to buy too many processed foods? How much is getting tossed? And what are the items being wasted? With the answers to these questions in mind, make a detailed shopping list to keep you on track amidst a plethora of options at the grocery store.
  2. Green Clean. Support nature’s spring beauty by protecting the environment with natural household products. Review the labels on the products you use to clean your space and consider the impact each one has on the environment. Switch to natural cleaning methods, such as tea tree oil which boasts anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are 100% earth-friendly. Note: If disposing of toxic household chemicals, please do so properly–not by pouring them down your drain!
  3. Meditate. It is easy to get distracted by the things we need to do–balancing work, family and personal agendas is no easy task. While spending some time relaxing in your own head is likely not on your “To Do” list, you’d be amazed at how much more productive and relaxed you feel after spending just a few minutes a day clearing your mind. To start spring as fresh as the flowers blooming outside, set aside ten minutes a day to sit, meditate and just be. (Not sure where to start? Check out “How to Meditate in 10 Easy Steps”)
  4. Personal Care. Despite the name, personal care items can detract from your health if they’re made from toxic chemicals, or if they’re kept on the shelf too long. In this day and age, toiletry products are a common gift item–easy to give and receive. But these items can house harmful bacteria if opened and then left unused for months at a time, especially in environments susceptible to warm, humid conditions, such as bathrooms. Go through your medicine cabinet, tossing anything you don’t use regularly. Ladies: Start with your makeup! Having every eye color on the color wheel can seem exciting at times, but in reality, the items are not being used frequently and creating a perfect long-term breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
  5. Make a list. Once you’re done cleaning body, mind, and house, you feel empowered, right? Imagine if you could feel this amazing all the time! Spring Cleaning is a great, annual tradition that helps get us back to feeling in control and free off useless stuff in life–be it negative thoughts, material excess or harmless dust bunnies. Introduce simplicity to create calm in your life by deciding what you really need. Make some guidelines for keeping yourself this organized and healthy year-round. To get you started, we provided a wellness action plan below.

Wellness Action Plan

  1. Buy mostly fresh food and limit fad foods to prevent pantry clutter and waste.
  2. Continue to try green products until you find the ones you fall in love with.
  3. Set a goal to sit and meditate, or simply do something for yourself, such as take a yoga class or go for a walk, that allows you to de-stress on a daily basis.
  4. Use your personal care items in a timely manner or donate gifts you won’t use to a local charity.
  5. Write down 3 healthy changes you’re going to keep for 2016 (like committing to a regular hot yoga practice! 🙂

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