Tips for Cleaning Your Hot Yoga Mat

Tips for Cleaning Your Hot Yoga Mat

Ever been in class and suddenly notice your mat is a little less than fresh?  Hot yoga does your body good by letting you sweat it all out.  But extra sweat means you need to take a little extra care to keep your mat smelling and looking clean.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when caring for your hot yoga mat:

1) Spray away.

Use a mat cleaner made of natural products to wipe away dirt, sweat, and bacteria.  Manduka® makes a natural mat cleaner you just spritz on after practicing

If you prefer the DIY version, you can use an essential oil.  Lemongrass and tea tree oil both have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, but be careful with how much you use!  A little drop goes a long way and is best diluted in water.
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2) Wet Towels = Bad SmellsImmediately after class, separate the yoga towel you place on top of your mat from your yoga mat.  Rolling your towel into your mat will make it harder for them to dry and increase the likelihood of mold growing.

3) Don’t roll your mat! 

Every time you roll up a mat that has been in a public area, you are rolling in all the germs from the floor.  Rolling your mat, especially for hot yoga, also prevents the mat from drying out, leaving a behind a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.  Instead, foldyour mat in half (keeping the side you use on the inside of the fold) and then lightly roll or fold up.  (Please excuse the photo!  It has become the norm to see yoga mats rolled up, but much more sanitary to lightly fold the mat).

4) Hang it out to dry.

When you get home, unroll your mat and let it air dry, preferably in a sunny spot allowing the sun to naturally kill bacteria and prevent mold.

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