Our Studio

Welcome to SoCal Hot Yoga!

Welcome to SoCal Hot Yoga, Brentwood’s hottest holistic fitness studio. Conveniently located in a private courtyard on San Vicente Blvd., we offer a variety of yoga classes, all of which are custom built to inspire you.

At SoCal Hot Yoga, our energetic Yoga Alliance Certified instructors lead you through challenging flow sequences, standing poses and abdominal strengthening routines. The class is designed to encourage and motivate you every step of the way. With individualized attention and feedback, you’ll see improvement in your practice and results in your body and mind.

In addition to our signature Hot Vinyasa Flow sequence, we offer Yin Yoga, classes tailored specifically to beginners, and pre-natal yoga.

Our spacious and clean studio has high ceilings, mirrored walls and great sound insulation from street traffic. It takes dedication to show up for your workout, so we want to make sure that from the moment you step through our doors, you feel totally welcome and ready to focus on class.

The room is beautifully candle lit for many of our classes, with upbeat background music and soothing aromas. We strive to create a dynamic that is both accessible to new yogis and rewarding for long time practitioners. Perhaps most importantly, we are careful not to overbook our classes, and guarantee that you’ll have plenty of space in the room to comfortably practice.

Our aim is that no matter what class you take at SoCal Hot Yoga, you’ll walk out feeling clear in your mind and completely rejuvenated in your body. We look forward to seeing you soon, and are always available online or by phone to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.


What our students are saying about us:

  • “I credit this yoga class with giving me the first full good night’s sleep I’ve had in months.”

    -Aaron K.

  • “SoCal Hot Yoga | Brentwood is a sequestered little oasis in the heart of the city.”

    -Rudy R.

  • “The classes are always extremely challenging yet therapeutic. The studio is clean and the trainers are extremely friendly…Highly recommend this studio for people at all levels.”

    -Natalie S.

  • “The environment is peaceful and relaxing, even while getting a kick-ass workout during class…I LOVE this studio, as it has become like a sanctuary for me in the midst of a busy LA life.”

    -Jill W.

  • “I am always impressed by how clean refreshing and relaxed I became from going here…Love this place, you will too!”

    -Heather A.

  • “…a unique, fun practice that beats any other hot yoga class I have ever been to and I have been practicing hot yoga for 20 years.”

    -Marcia K.

  • “This studio is down to earth, clean, fun, and has a great vibe… I leave feeling inspired and on top of the world each time. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

    -Jessica B.

  • “This studio is one of the best kept secrets on the Westside of LA. In an hour you can get a full body workout.”

    -Kelly S.

  • “Great studio! Super clean & great class.”

    -Kate S.

  • “The instructors are fantastic…  It is an absolutely lovely studio that provides me with the retreat I need…I leave every time feeling flexible and renewed! ”

    -Berlin W.

  • “I am in love with this studio. It’s so beautiful, tranquil, and the teachers are amazing.  It has completely changed my life and I am thankful for it every day.”

    -Jodi G.

  • “The studio is clean, the teachers are all mindful of body, spirit, and class dynamics, and you never fail to have a positive experience leaving your workout.”

    -Brian N.