New to Hot Yoga?  Don’t sweat it!  The following information will help you get started.

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What to Bring to Class
  • Yoga Mat
    • Manduka mat rentals are available for $3.
  • Towel (to put over your mat)
  • Water Bottle
    • Complimentary reverse osmosis filtered water available

Items available for purchase in studio:

  • Basic Mat: $18
  • Basic Yoga Mat Size Towel: $20
  • Manduka Mats: $48-$108
  • Yogitoes Towel: $60
  • LifeFactory Glass Water Bottle: $20-22
  • 2 Weeks*
  • $
What to Wear
  • Shorts, crops, tank top, sports bra, etc… Whatever you are comfortable sweating in.
  • Avoid thick fabrics and long pants.

SoCal Hot Yoga offers women’s apparel from Beyond Yoga, Onzie and YogaRx yoga brands.

What to Do Before Class
  • Drink water!  You may have water in class, but will feel better if you are hydrated from the start. Visit our community page for more about Staying Hydrated in Hot Yoga.
  • Come to class free of odor, including perfume.
  • Avoid eating 2-3 hours before class.
  • Inform your teacher of injuries before class.


What to Expect at Your First Hot Yoga Class
  • Part of the discipline of hot yoga is to do your best to stay in the room for the entire session.  If you need a break, you can take as many as you need!  Simply rest on your mat in child’s pose at any time (if you don’t know what child’s pose is, don’t worry–it is the first pose we practice in the class).
  • Listen.  With this particular sequence, the instructor uses basic verbal alignment cues for every pose.  If you miss something, don’t worry about it and keep trying!  With each session you will build your practice by picking up on different cues.
  • Let go of expectations and fear.   No matter your level of fitness, it takes everybody a few classes to get mentally used to the heat.   Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to anyone else in the room. Every body is different! SoCal Hot Yoga Studios is a no judgment, no competition zone—the heat forces everyone to keep focused on their own practice, giving you the privacy to take your practice to your own level.
  • Breathe & Meditate.  Pay attention to your breathing and relaxing your mind in meditation. The breath will be emphasized throughout the class.  The postures are always secondary to breathing, mental focus and relaxation.
After Class
  • Continue to drink water and stay well-hydrated drinking water is the key to a detoxifying yoga experience.
  • Come back two consecutive days to get acclimatized to the heated room. Practice 3-5 times a week to receive the most benefit.
  • Practice patience, accept your efforts and be proud of yourself for trying something new and sticking with it!  Every day is different and every day your body will be different you cannot predict how quickly you will master any new poses. some may feel easy, while others will feel more difficult.  One of yoga’s benefits is acceptance and understanding that a positive approach to every pose if just as important as a perfectly executed pose.
Studio Etiquette
  • Arrive on time
  • No shoes in yoga room
  • Turn off cell phones.  No cell phones in yoga room
  • In consideration of your fellow students, no talking in the yoga room.