Jenny Geyser

Jenny has been in the fitness industry since 2001 as a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Holistic Nutrition Coach. Growing up in an active family, she participated in everything from soccer to tennis to dance, loving to move and challenge her body in anyway she could. Jenny tried her first yoga class while attending college in Hawaii. Several years later while living in San Diego she found Power Vinyasa Flow classes and became hooked! She loved not only the athletic practice, but the calm, clear mind and balanced spirit she experienced after every class. Her passion for yoga grew so strong that she knew the next step on her path was to share the love for this beautiful practice with others. Jenny is an E-RYT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor, and currently in Noah Maze and Rocky Heron 300 TT at Wanderlust Hollywood. She truly believes in the transformative effect yoga has on body, mind and soul. She loves to physically challenge her students to go beyond what they think they are capable of, as well as guiding them to discover a deeper, more meaningful connection within.