How to Stay Hydrated for Hot Yoga

How to Stay Hydrated for Hot Yoga

Answers to your must frequently asked questions on hydration and hot yoga.

How much water do I really need?

The amount of water each person required to stay hydrated will vary depending on many factors: activity level, muscle mass, height, weight, age, to name a few.  The body’s response to hot yoga is no different than any other type of physical exercise that results in profuse sweating.


Will sweating that much lead to dehydration? 

Living a fast-paced society with a vast array of beverage choices, many new students admittedly do not drink enough water because they forget or reach for caffeinated beverages to stay energized throughout the day.   Contrary to the popular myth that yoga is dehydrating, many students experience a natural desire for water after establishing a regular hot yoga practice and feel more hydrated than before.  Initially, you consciously drink more water to prepare for class.  Once you start practicing regularly, your body will crave water and you will increase your water intake and stay hydrated without even thinking about it.


Is regular water enough?

Drinking regular or “free” water is natural and necessary to good health. To stay hydrated, one must maintain a balance between electrolytes and water at a cellular level.  As an athlete or person who exercises regularly, this notion of hydration is important because you lose minerals and salts when sweating, not just fluids.  Staying hydrated on a cellular level extends beyond simply drinking more water to replace fluid loss from sweating.  Proper electrolyte to water balance in the cells is important for maintaining nerve impulses that affect metabolic processes, the heart muscle’s contractile function, the transportation of nutrients, blood and oxygen flow to reduce muscle cramps, and strong bones.  For this reason, SoCal Hot Yoga recommends drinking electrolyte-enhanced beverages when available to avoid any metabolic disturbances.

Waiākea®, SoCal Hot Yoga’s preferred water, is filtered through Hawaiian volcanoes, naturally enhancing its level of minerals and electrolytes including magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica and sodium.  In addition the electrolyte benefits, Waiākea® water is considered one of the best natural alkaline waters in the world.  Drinking alkaline water reduces acidity in the body, which slows down the aging process, improves digestion and prevents bone loss.  Find out more about how to stay hydrated with Waiākea® natural health water.

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Sources of Electrolytes for Hot Yoga

Hydration Tips for Hot Yoga Class

1) SoCal Hot Yoga recommends drinking 32 oz. of electrolyte-enhanced water a minimum of one full hour before class, giving the water time to hydrate the body on a cellular level.

2) Attending class at night?  Be sure to drink water throughout the day.

3) If you find yourself guzzling water during class or experiencing headaches or dizziness after class, you may be dehydrated.  Try drinking more water before you come to class. 4) Add a natural electrolyte enhancer to your water.  We recommend Ultima Replenisher, an all-natural, zero sugar, zero artificial electrolyte replenishing powder. Learn more about the benefits of adding electrolytes to your water for hot yoga practice.

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Powder

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