Heather Goldberg

I’m going to be honest. My yoga journey started relatively recently and reluctantly. My favorite exercise is spinning and a few years ago, I got dragged to a yoga class simply to stretch my very, very tight hips and legs. My friend insisted that yoga would help lean out my muscles and strengthen my body to make me a stronger rider. So I went. I stretched. I sweat. And I listened. It turned out I got so much more from that class than a workout. Yoga helped me find my breath, quiet my mind, and truly get in tune with myself. Yoga classes quickly became a regular part of my weekly routine and I found the more I practiced, the more I started to take the principles I was learning in class off the mat and into my daily life. I felt calmer, more centered, more open, and truly grateful. When I signed up for a yoga teacher training, I did it on a whim and with no expectations. I didn’t know whether I would teach, but I knew I wouldn’t regret the experience. I discovered that I LOVE teaching. I have never liked public speaking, but I love leading a room in a strong, sweaty yoga flow. So….. practice with me.