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SoCal's Hottest Mind|Body Workout

SoCal Hot Yoga | Brentwood combines an energetic yoga flow series with stretching yoga postures to increase heart rate, tone muscles, and improve overall strength, flexibility, mental focus and balance. Get a full MindBody Workout every time.

The sequence is strategically created to work your body comprehensively. For every stretch, there is a counter-stretch; you progressively work through the poses, building on each movement to receive a complete workout by the end of the class.

Taught to music in a room heated to 105 degrees with 50% humidity, the heat allows for deeper stretching while the humidity contributes to a challenging cardio workout. Be ready to focus and sweat as you flow through an intense moving meditation that benefits your mind and body — simultaneously — at SoCal Hot Yoga.

What our students are saying:

  • “SoCal Hot Yoga | Brentwood is a sequestered little oasis in the heart of the city.”
    -Rudy R., Yelp
  • “I credit this yoga class with giving me the first full good night's sleep I've had in months.”
    -Aaron K., Yelp
  • “The studio is clean, the teachers are all mindful of body, spirit, and class dynamics, and you never fail to have a positive experience leaving your workout.” -Brian N., Yelp
  • “I am in love with this studio. It's so beautiful, tranquil, and the teachers are amazing.  It has completely changed my life and I am thankful for it every day.”
    -Jodi G., Yelp
  • “The instructors are fantastic...  It is an absolutely lovely studio that provides me with the retreat I need...I leave every time feeling flexible and renewed! ”
    -Berlin W., Yelp
  • “This studio is one of the best kept secrets on the Westside of LA. In an hour you can get a full body workout.” -Kelly S., Yelp
  • “Great studio! Super clean & great class.  
    -Kate S., Yelp
  • "This studio is down to earth, clean, fun, and has a great vibe... I leave feeling inspired and on top of the world each time. I couldn't recommend it highly enough!"
    -Jessica B., Yelp
  • "...a unique, fun practice that beats any other hot yoga class I have ever been to and I have been practicing hot yoga for 20 years."
    -Marcia K., Yelp
  • "I was always impressed by how clean refreshing and relaxed I became from going here...Love this place, you will too!"
    -Heather A., Yelp
  • "the environment is peaceful and relaxing, even while getting a kick-ass workout during class...I LOVE this studio, as it has become like a sanctuary for me in the midst of a busy LA life."
    -Jill W., Yelp
  • "The classes are always extremely challenging yet therapeutic. The studio is clean and the trainers are extremely friendly...Highly recommend this studio for people at all levels."
    -Natalie S., Yelp


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